N  a  t  u  r  a  l  l  y       E  f  f  e  c  t  i  v  e

Naturally Effective

Cosmetic Active Ingredients

45 years of experience allow us to develop and manufacture the most effective active ingredients for skin & hair care cosmetic treatments.

We are an independent company, with strong background and high flexibility and efficacy. Our experience is specialized at the production of Natural Ceramides, Marine Origin Actives and Botanical Extracts from the Andean region.

We are experts at the extraction of natural active ingredients and at the manufacturing of finished cosmetic products as contract manufacturer. Our long practice with multinational companies allows us to get a firm knowledge at the production, marketing and organization of our business.

Our industrial installations for extraction, purification, centrifugation and filtration are designed for the perfect and efficient production of the active ingredients. We run all manufacturing processes to assure a constant highest quality.

Our staff has large experience at cosmetic production. All production batches are performed following strict methodologies in quality and security.

We are proud to be a reference supplier for many of the most prestigious cosmetic brands, commercializing our actives at over 40 countries.

We do have the ISO 9001 Quality Certification, the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification and the ISO 22716 GMP certification.

At Cobiosa you will find a loyal partner with a motivated and experienced team that will do its best in fulfilling your needs with performance actives, formulation and product development

Development of Products and Cosmetic Lines

Cobiosa has a long experience developing and manufacturing finished cosmetic products. For over 45 years, from our factory at Collado Villalba, we have produced cosmetics for the most prestigious cosmetic companies.

Cobiosa has an extensive number of effective formulations ready to be produced. We can also develop customs made products, following our customer needs, including all steps to obtain a reliable, stable, novel and efficient cosmetic treatment.

Our control laboratories are well equipped to assure the quality of the products manufactured. We do have an specific laboratory for microbiological control, a laboratory to control all raw materials and a complex laboratory, fitted in detail, for the control and analysis of the finished products.



Custom made or formulations from our wide catalog


Complete cosmetic lines formulation with new generation concepts

Improvement of existing products

Our confidentiality is guaranteed


We have a range of production tanks of different capacities. Single batches from 20 to 1.000 kg are available


Under sterile laminar flow in case of bulk productions


We can fill your products at glass or plastic bottles, at ampoules, pumps, jars, ...

Value-Added Services

All you need to reach the market

Due to our long experience, we provide our customers formulations, concepts and development of complete cosmetic lines along with good ideas to assure their success in an ever difficult market.

Our services include assistance to get the Sanitary Registration of the products according to the European Cosmetics Standards. We also perform stability tests in accordance to the selected distribution packages. We treasure an extensive knowledge of international markets with an ever larger agents network.

You can trust in COBIOSA for the highest quality in finished cosmetics whith reasonable minimum batches, flexibility and guaranteed efficiency at optimal prices.

Complementing Services

We help you with the legal requirements to commercialise your products at Spain, Europe, USA, Latin America and most important Asian countries.

Following the European Cosmetic Directive.

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