Bio Ceramidyl Pure

Ceramides, key molecules for skin integrity


BIO CERAMIDYL PURE are concentrated and highly purified glycoceramides, analogous to ceramides of human skin and hair. They are combined to a lesser proportion of cholesterol and phospholipids.

Ceramides are key molecules of the epidermis for maintaining moisture and integrity of the cutaneous barrier and contributing to the regular renewal of keratinocytes.


- Repair and strengthen the epidermal barrier

- Keep and restore the lipidic and ceramidic bilayers

- Renew the cohesion of intercellular spaces

- Strengthen the cohesion of the horny layers

- Environmental protector from UV radiation and oxidative stress

- Maintain optimal hydration, reducing trans-epidermal water loss

- Increase the resistance of sensitive skin decreasing irritability

- Heal skin damaged by sun exposure

- Improve emulsion stability

Cosmetic use

Care of stressed, sensitive, scaly, rough, and dry skin.

Atopic and sensitive skin treatments.

Anti-age care (aged skin often suffering from lipid deficiencies, especially ceramides).

Moisturizing formulations.

Specific treatments for scaled hands and feet.

Sun care.






Lipo soluble

Hydro dispersible


From 0.2% to 0.5%


Glucosyl Ceramides, Phospholipids, Cholesterol

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