Bio Marine Elastin

Hydrolyzed elastin from marine origin


BIO MARINE ELASTIN is hydrolyzed elastin from marine origin.

Thanks to a special hydrolysis process, the long protein chains are cut and transformed into small peptides, poly peptides and amino acids that can penetrate into the skin.

With BIO MARINE ELASTIN, we can offer the skin, the precursors (peptides and amino-acids) used by the fibroblasts to increase their synthesis of elastin, thus promoting the formation of new elastin for the skin.


- Supply of amino-acids and peptides to help increase its elastin                  synthesis

- Provides nutritive elements to the skin and hair

- Reinforces the cutaneous tonality and elasticity

- Promotes cutaneous strength and helps reducing wrinkles

- Helps to stimulate hair’s growth

Cosmetic use

Nutritive skin and hair preparations.

Treatments to improve skin elasticity.

Anti-age preparations.

Repairing and regenerating products.

Anti-wrinkle creams and gels.

Body formulations to treat stretch marks




Skin and hair


Hydro soluble


From 3% to 5%


Hydrolyzed Elastin

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