Bio Nutryl PF

Amniotic liquid sterilized and stabilized


BIO NUTRYL is a classical biological extract for the treatment of skin and hair.

Fresh amniotic fluid sterilized and stabilized for cosmetology. It is free from hormones and estrogens
and it is also purified by sterile filtration.

Research indicates that amniotic fluid seems to have a positive effect on wound healing, cellular regeneration in hair growth and reducing hair loss.


- Natural detergent of the skin, without aggressive actions

- Natural astringent and emulsifier

- Nutritious and moisturizer 

- Diffusion agent: helps the penetration of other actives in the skin

- Soothing action

Cosmetic use

Cleanser milks.

Treatments for oily skin and hair.

Use pure in ampoules as solvent for 2 phases treatments.

Shampoos and conditioners.

After shave products.

Treatment make-ups.




Skin and hair


Hydro soluble

Alcohol compatible (max 30ºC)


From 5% to 10%

Since it has been sterilized and purified it can be used also at 100% pure


Amniotic Fluid

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