Bio Proteinol PF

Placental extract for cosmetic use


BIO PROTEINOL PF is hydrosoluble placental extract for cosmetology.

A natural physiological balanced medium ideal for the treatment of the skin and hair.

It has high concentrations of important biological elements for the skin and hair: enzymes, amino acids, oligo elements.


- Stimulates the hair strength

- Nutrition agent for the hair

- Stimulates the oxygen consumption of epithelial cells

- Complete agent for skin nutrition and hydration

- It is a natural emulsifier, a bio-detergent for fats and oils. Natural             non-irritant cleanser agent

- Sterile biological vehicle. Induces the penetration of other active               ingredients

- Soothing natural liquid and eutropic-healing

Cosmetic use

Nutritive skin creams and lotions.

After shave preparations.

Anti age and soothing preparations.

Shampoos and conditioners for weak hairs.

Nutrition and anti hair-loss products.




Skin and hair


Hydro soluble

Alcohol compatible (max 30ºC)


From 5% to 10%


Placental Protein

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