100% Natural gelling agent


CobioGum is a white odorless powder obtained from the seeds endosperm of the Caesalpina spinosa, a native tree from Peru commonly known as Tara.100% plant origin, is a natural gelling ingredient alternative to chemical thickeners.

The main component of CobioGum are galactomannans, a kind of polysaccharides with a unique hydrocolloid nature which provides wonderful rheological properties.

It is stable in a wide range of pH and easy to formulate with electrolytes.


- Natural gelling agent

- Film-forming active

- Natural moisturizer

- 100% Natural Origin ISO16128

Cosmetic use

In formulations CobioGum gets a higher viscosity than other gelling agents.

Easy to formulate even at cold process.

Stable in a wide range of pH (3,0-10,0).


Inca Heritage


Skin and hair


Dispersable in water

Non-dispersable in oil


From 0,1% to 2%


Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum

Market Concepts & Trends

  • Zero Waste

    One source, two ingredients.

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