C20+ Cobiolive

Mediterranean Preventive Beauty


C20⁺ or COBIOLIVE is a natural liquid olive extract. Symbol of the Mediterranean culture, olive tree is extremely long living due to its content of potent antioxidant compounds.

Is characterized by its high content of HYDROXYTYROSOL (more than 20%), TYROSOL and other polyphenols.

This combination produces positive synergistic effects, resulting in highly antioxidant properties.


- Provides a higher protective and soothing effect against erythema           and skin alterations caused by UV exposure, than VIT E and Q10

- Hydroxitirosol is considered one of the most powerful scavengers,           collector of free radicals

- Anti-redness and anti-erythema activity

- Anti-inflammatory

- It boosts collagen synthesis by +215 % after 72 h

- Anti-aging, Photo-aging


Cosmetic use

Anti-aging creams.

Anti-pollution products.

Skin regeneration: sensitive and irritated skin treatments.

Sunscreen and after-sun products.

Anti-pigmentation cosmetics.

Hair care protection: Sun protection treatments.




Skin and hair


Soluble in glycerin, propanediol, alcohol


From 0,2% to 1%


Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Extract, Glycerin

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