CobioStem Alerce

The secret of longevity


COBIOSTEM is made from plant stem cells derived from the longest-living ancient tree (5.400 years old) in the plant kingdom: the Alerce tree. These plant stem cells hold the Alerce’s secret for longevity, resilience, health and beauty.

This tree is among the second longest-living plant species in the world and can live up to 5.400 years.In the past, the strong and resilient Alerce has been a victim to overexploitation as it holds by far the best quality of wood around.⁠ Now the tree is listed as an endangered species.

Plant cell culture technology has been implemented in protected plant species because it does not need to exploit the plant resource to produce plant biomass.

The Alerce tree is renowned for its durability and resistance to biological degradation thanks to the presence of certain types of metabolites [1]:
    - Fatty acids
    - Mono and sesquiterpenes,
    - Diterpenes
    - Lignans
    - Phytosterols

The extraction process allows these biomolecules to be concentrated and to obtain large amounts of essential substances such as amino acids, lipids, antioxidants, minerals or sugars that reinforce the activity of the ingredient.

100% Natural Origin ISO 16128


- Skin regeneration activity (+145%)

- Circular Beauty

- Anti-aging efficacy

- Skin Blue Light Protection

- Stimulates the skin’s defense against oxidative stress

Cosmetic use

- Longevity cosmetic line

- Circular Beauty cosmetics

- Eye countour aging-preventing

- Regenerating serum






Hydro soluble


From 1% to 2%


Fitzroya cupressoides callus extract, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol

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