Hentowhite AF

Whitening and anti age-spots innovative cosmetic ingredient


Compound based on Resorcinol derivative, with excellent results on the reduction of skin’s dark spots and skin whitening, with no irritating effects.

Its clearing and whitening activity is accomplished by the synergistic and simultaneous action, on the three mechanisms of the melanogenesis process:

1. Before the melanin synthesis: interfering in the synthesis and glycosilation of the tyrosinase preventing that the enzyme could be absorbed by the melanosome.

2. During the melanin synthesis: inhibits enzymatic activities, as a competitive inhibitor of tyrosinase, and less on TRP1 and TRP2 Enzymes, reducing the formation of byproducts that promote melanogenesis.

3. After the melanin synthesis: improving the tyrosinase degradation, the inhibition of the transfer of the melanosome to the keratinocyte, and with a light peeling thanks to the action of the Fatty Acids.


- Decreases melanin formation at very early stage of melanin synthesis

- Decreases melanin synthesis and tyrosinase activity

- Mild exfoliation of the skin surface layers and its melanin residues

- Non-irritating effect

Cosmetic use

Whitening Care.

Age-spot treatment.


Britening/lightening Care.







Soluble in ethanol


From 1% to 5%


Polysorbate 20, Hexylresorcinol, Caprylic Acid, Isopropyl alcohol, Peg-400, Caproic Acid, Capric Acid

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