Hydro Marine Collagen V10

Hydrolyzed collagen for the skin


Hydrolyzed collagen from marine origin obtained by partial hydrolysis of native collagen, rich in peptides and amino-acids.

Native collagen is a high molecular weight protein (about 300,000 Daltons) .Thanks to a controlled manufacturing process, the long protein chains are cut into smaller peptides and amino acids, capable of penetrating the stratum corneum providing amino acids and polypeptides, collagen precursors.


- Strengthening of cutaneous elasticity

- Improves the appearance and comfort of dry or damaged skin by            reducing desquamation and restoring flexibility

- Nutrition of the epidermis

- Conditioning and filmogen for skin and hair

- Neutralize side effects of surfactants

- Makes the surface of the skin and hair softer and smoother

Cosmetic use

Nutritious preparations for skin and hair care.

Restructuring hair products.

Specific treatments for dry and reactive skin.

Anti-aging products for neck and neckline.






Skin and hair


Hydro soluble

Soluble in glycols



From 2% to 10%


Hydrolyzed Collagen

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